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Fire protection, fire fighting systems

Airport hangar Hall 7 fire fighting system, Düsseldorf airport

Kraftanlagen Hamburg is tasked with the erection of the fire fighting systems for the new construction of the airport hangar Hall 7. The airline Airberlin keeps a maintenance and repair shop in the hangar. The dimensions of the building are enormous. With an area of 220 x 90 m and a height of 32 m, the building offers space for the Airbus A340-600 planes. Due to the height of the building, effective fire protection can only be ensured by using a spray-water fire fighting system. Because kerosene and hydraulic oils are being used, which increases the fire load, a film-forming foaming agent is mixed into the flow of extinguishing water. In order to ensure that fires can also be fought effectively below the wings and the bodies of the planes, fire fighting monitors are being used that support the ceiling fire fighting system. Early fire detection is ensured through the use of a smoke intake system. The fire department triggers and controls the fire fighting systems remotely via display and operating tablets.

Process design and installation were performed in accordance with the American standard NFPA409 "Aircraft Hangars", VdS 2109 for spray-water fire fighting systems as well as the special requirements of the fire protection concept. The VdS technical testing centre Cologne is responsible for the acceptance test.

The maximum extinguishing water rate is 30,000 l/min while four fire fighting zones and two fire fighting monitors are being triggered at the same time. The hangar ceiling is divided into 30 fire fighting zones with the corresponding remotely operated DN200 valves. 

Fact sheet

Ed. Züblin AG

Period of execution:

  • Order placed: 03/2008
  • Commissioning: 03/2009
  • Handover to the customer: 03/2009

Plant parameters:

  • 1,950 spray water fire extinguishing nozzles
  • 1,200 sprinklers
  • 4 fire fighting pumps 10,000 l/min, 8 bar each
  • 2 water storage containers 785 m³ each 

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