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Decentralised power generation, combined heat and power generation

Airbus Finkenwerder CHPP I and II

Kraftanlagen Hamburg built two separate CHP plants with total outputs of 10.6 MWel and 12.1 MWth at the Airbus air plane hangar in Hamburg-Finkenwerder.

In 2010, a containerised CHP plant with a capacity of 2 MWel was supposed to be offered. Due to sound protection requirements, we alternatively offered the CHP plant with a compact concrete station and Airbus awarded us the contract as general contractor.

In the CHP plant, together with the CHPP units with an output of 4.3 MWel each, we also built two heating water tanks with a total volume of 1,200 m3. During continuous heat production, these tanks can even out heat demand load fluctuations.

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