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Our reference in Germany: 380kV Overhead Line, Wahle-Mecklar

Customer: TenneT
Turnover: 88 Mio. EUR

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Kraftanlagen Energies & Services has recently entered a new business segment as a supplier of industrial water treatment plants. The Deep Groundwater Treatment Project delivered by ECM engineers is testament to the Group’s capacity for innovation. Kraftanlagen built a turnkey plant co-designed to customer specifications by ECM (a subsidiary of Kraftanlagen Energies & Services) and its technology partner CINC.

In a natural gas underground storage facility, withdrawing the natural gas from the reservoir produces deep groundwater contaminated with hydrocarbons. Due to new environmental regulations, the water can no longer be fed back underground without first being treated and decontaminated.

Innovative solution
As there was no standard treatment process for this application, the underground storage facility operator set up a pilot installation and ran a series of tests using a variety of activated carbon products. The operator provided the test results and put the entire production plant out to tender as an EPC project. The Industry Business Unit joined forces with a technology partner to deliver a turnkey plant, winning the contract based on a compellingly comprehensive package and a compact container solution. As the general contractor, Kraftanlagen Energies & Services supplied planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of a mobile deep groundwater hydrocarbon treatment plant with guaranteed performance levels. The components and pipelines were manufactured and assembled at Kraftanlagen’s Burghausen site.

Advantages for the customer
Changes in environmental regulations are driving increased demand for water treatment plants.

The plant is designed for fixed, semi-fixed or mobile use, making it suitable for a wide variety of water treatment applications. It can be customised for specific decontamination requirements by changing the composition of adsorbents and absorbents used.

Kraftanlagen Energies & Services provides a full-service package from engineering to manufacture and installation, right through to commissioning.

The era of large brown and hard coal-fired power plants in Germany is coming to an end. In a project for our client RWE Power AG, we are helping to secure the auxiliary steam generation that has been provided by four older power plant units at their locations in the Rhenish coalfields following their planned closure over the next few years.

At the power plants in Neurath, Niederaussem and Weisweiler, four practically identical power-to-heat (P2H) plants are being built as a backup for the heating process.

MW output per electrode steam boiler unit
At the Weisweiler power plant, electric boilers and feedwater tanks were delivered and installed in one day at the end of January 2022. (Pictures: Kraftanlagen Energies & Services)
Precision work during the lifting of one of the two electric boilers for the Neurath power station.

Kraftanlagen Energies & Services is responsible for the engineering, manufacture, delivery, assembly, commissioning and documentation of the P2H plants.

The centrepiece in each case is an electric boiler from our exclusive partner PARAT Halvorsen.

This is complemented by MV switchgear, transformers, superheaters, feedwater tanks, steel construction and plant engineering.

Kraftanlagen was already involved in the planning, construction and commissioning of HP piping systems for BoA units F and G of the power plant in Neurath in the years 2007-2012, as well as in the construction of the Niederaussem power plant from 1999 to 2002. Today, we are an important partner of the operator in the modernisation of the plants.

Decarbonisation poses a major challenge for industry. High pressures and temperatures, as well as maximum performance and availability, are all necessary for industrial production processes, with activity taking place within complex systems and under massive cost pressure.

Kraftanlagen Energies & Services developed its own technologies for CO2-free solutions that generate green process heat and green electricity. At the core of this solution is the revolutionary Green Heat Module. High-performance electric heaters convert green electricity into high-temperature heat of up to 1000 °C. This heat is then stored in the high-temperature thermal storage system and fed into the industrial process as required. This represents the smart coupling of (renewable) electricity and heat with robust and patented components to ensure maximum availability, long service life, and environmental performance.

The Green Heat Module (GHM) has a modular design which allows it to carry out your decarbonisation process overnight or in several steps – a true innovation in CO2 reduction that will aid in preserving your competitive edge.

SWE Energie GmbH (Stadtwerke Erfurt) is modernising the combined-cycle power plant in the Erfurt-Ost heating power plant in order to increase its efficiency and conserve fuel. The 11-lot project also includes the replacement of two gas turbines and the new construction of a steam turbine (approx. 11 MWel).

In October 2019, SWE commissioned Kraftanlagen with the order of lot 10 – the engineering, procurement, construction, system check out and trial operation of a thermal storage plant with a capacity of 250 MWh (nominal volume of approx. 7,300 m3), including process and EI&C technology, a pump building and two CWA vessels for condensate and raw water (1,000 m3 and 500 m3). The plant was handed over in fully operational condition just two years later.

The steel thermal storage has a diameter of 21 m and a cylindrical height of 22 m. It holds an effective volume of 7,000 m3 and is designed for pressure-less operation. (Image: Neumann/SWE)

The storage system is filled with district heating water and integrated within SWE’s district heating grid. It is supposed to store excess amounts of heat from the combined heat and power generation process of the production plants and then making it available once more according to demand. This procedure makes the SWE power plants even more flexible and climate-friendly.

Power plant manager Marco Türke on a tour of the plant. (Image: SWE)

Kraftanlagen is a reliable partner for projects in the energy sector. One of Kraftanlagen’s key strengths is project management. This results in a faster, safer and top-quality execution of the commissioned plant technology. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you again.

Marco Türke Power plant manager, SWE Energie GmbH, Stadtwerke Erfurt
The scope of Kraftanlagen Energies & Services at a glance: Thermal storage, pump building and pipe bridge. (Image: Bauerschmidt/SWE)

Kraftanlagen has already successfully completed the following projects for SWE Energie:

– Thermal storage container (7,400 m3) incl. foundations and process-related integration, location: Erfurt Iderhoffstraße, 02/2013 – 02/2014.

– New construction of a Line 3 combined cycle heat recovery steam generator, location: Erfurt-Ost combined-cycle power plant, 09/2012 – 12/2013.

– Steam turbine and WDK with secondary systems (heating oil power plant and tank) including the new construction and conversion of a district heating transfer station, location: Erfurt-Ost combined-cycle power plant, 1998 – 1999.

Meet our experts: In our short video, you will get to know the Head of Engineering and Digitalisation of the Industry Business Unit at Kraftanlagen, Florian Stöger. Find out what Shared Innovation means for Kraftanlagen Energies & Services and what contribution we at Kraftanlagen make to sustainably reducing the carbon footprint of our customers.

Fernwärme Ulm GmbH and Ulm University have agreed to a new district heating contractthat will guarantee a safe and highly efficient heating supply for the university and its partners for an additional 25 years. The construction of an additional heat transportation line serves to safeguard the heat delivery to the university and its partners (BWK, RKU, the university hospital, Science Park etc.). For example, the heat will be used by the teaching hospital for thermal sterilisation.    

The challenge: The pipe segments, which weigh between three to five tonnes, must be laid through an extremely confined residential area in partly steep terrain. A job for an experienced Kraftanlagen engineering and execution team with state-of-the-art equipment at the construction site.

Fact Sheet:

Customer: Fernwärme Ulm GmbH

Construction phase 3: (Kelternweg, Ochsensteige und Oberberghof)

  • Steel-jacket pipeline (SJP), DN 400 medium pipeline and DN 900 – 1200 mm jacket pipeline
  • Operating temperature: 230°C/30 bar (overpressure)
  • Line length: 1,150 metres
  • Construction period: June 2020 – September 2021

Construction phase 4: (Weinbergweg)

  • Steel-jacket pipeline (SJP), DN 400 medium pipeline and DN 900 – 1200 mm jacket pipeline
  • Operating temperature: 230°C/30 bar (overpressure)
  • Line length: 850 metres
  • Construction period: June 2021 – October 2022

“FUG is the district heating supplier for the city of Ulm. With 60% of our heat generated from renewable sources, we are doing our part for the energy transition within the Ulm region. To ensure that we are well-equipped to handle the increasing demands of the energy transition with regard to heating supply, we are building an additional transport pipe for one of our most important customers, Ulm University. And in Kraftanlagen München, we have found a reliable partner for its construction.”

Patrick Ruf, deputy head of district heating and district cooling, Fernwärme Ulm GmbH
©Nicolas Grosmond
©Nicolas Grosmond

Bouygues Construction is strengthening its Climate Strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of its businesses and promote energy-efficient solutions. Kraftanlagen joins the effort!

As a responsible and committed company, Bouygues Construction has for many years been innovating and developing sustainable solutions and projects that encourage the energy transition. The ambitious climate strategy that the Group is now introducing will reduce its carbon footprint across its entire value chain in line with the ambition of the Paris Climate Agreement. The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30 per cent by 2030.

As a German subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, Kraftanlagen fully supports this strategy and provides impetus for improving the CO2 balance with its own initiatives and in sustainable projects. For example, with the Green Heat Module or in the realisation of the coastal power plant in Kiel, the most modern gas engine cogeneration plant in Europe, which saves one million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year compared to its predecessor. 

Decarbonisation should become a permanent priority in our company, just like safety or ethics. Now is the time to act – step by step, concretely, in our daily lives.

Alfons Weber, COO Kraftanlagen Group

Discover Bouygues Construction’s climate strategy here.

Green hydrogen technologies are one of the keys to the energy systems of the future and therefore also essential for the fundamental transformation of industry and traffic as well as meeting climate goals. Kraftanlagen is a driving force behind this technology and …

… participates in the GET H2 initiative, which seeks to create a countrywide 

hydrogen infrastructure. Currently, approximately 40 partners (companies, grid operators, research institutions, administrative districts) are advocating for a competitive hydrogen market and the related changes to legal and regulatory frameworks.

… supports a Bavarian hydrogen strategy through its involvement in the Center 

Hydrogen.Bavaria (H2.B). H2.B comprises 80 partners from industry and science as well as professional associations and municipalities.

… is aiming at an ambitious deployment of clean hydrogen technologies by 2030 at European level in the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance (ECHA).

On 25  June 2019, the Competence Center “ROBDEKON – robot systems for decontamination in hostile environments” was opened in Karlsruhe. ROBDEKON is to function as an expert and user network for technologies for (semi-autonomous) decontamination using robots. Kraftanlagen Heidelberg is involved in the project as a consulting industrial partner.

With many years of experience and its expertise in the fields of nuclear technology, energy and power plant technology as well as remote handling and handling of highly radioactive substances in hot cells, Kraftanlagen Heidelberg is making an important contribution to the development of a practicable system, particularly in the decommissioning of nuclear power plants and the decontamination of plant components.