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"I consider every project a new challenge"

What does a typical working day as project manager at Kraftanlagen Romania look like?
In my business I do not have typical working days – every day is completely different. For the most part, I plan my next day to allow myself enough time to solve the day-by-day issues, that crop um in my projects – issues that usually have high priority in being solved in order to keep the projects on track. I can say that I know how my next day is planned, but I never know for sure how it will turn out.

What challenges do you encounter in your professional life as project manager?
In my opinion every project could be considered a challenge and when having the PM mindset also the professional life could be seen and dealt with as a project, thus as a challenge.

What – in your opinion – characterizes Kraftanlagen Romania?
I appreciate Kraftanlagen Romania as a company that is constantly evolving and therefore defining its position as a strong competitor amongst other top contractors from the oil and gas industry within the Romanian Market.

What makes working for the Kraftanlagen Group so special for you?
I like managing complex projects and having a dedicated and motivated project team. Seeing the fruits of a successfully completed project and having a satisfied customer are the most rewarding parts.

What has your professional life been like up until now?

I have always sought big or complex projects, and to be part of them I had to undertake various roles in several companies of the construction branch. Overall, I can say that my professional life went from one project role to the other until I had a good overview of the entire project handling. I’ve been at Kraftanlagen Romania since April 2014, when the first projects from the GCC (General Construction Contractor) Framework Agreement with OMV Petrom were started.

Octavian Dobre, Project Manager GCC (General Construction Contractor) at Kraftanlagen Romania

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