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"By now I have figured out how a power plant works and what its components are."

"When I began my career in the power plant industry in 1991, I only knew that I was not supposed to eat pipelines, as my boss likes to put it. However, by now I have figured out how a power plant works and what its components are."

That is an understatement. Because, as the cost accounting group manager of the Berlin branch of Kraftanlagen München, Katrin Raebel needs a well-founded knowledge as much as good contacts: The Berlin native utilises both on a daily basis. When there is an incoming customer inquiry, that customer will ideally have defined in a service specification what, exactly, is part of that project, such as engineering, prefabrication, supply and installation. The group manager and her team then begin their work because a lot of questions have to be answered in order to allow Kraftanlagen to make a high-quality offer. What are the estimated costs of engineering, calculation and construction?

Katrin Raebel contacts suppliers and inquires about materials and services. Additional factors such as installation times, salaries, construction site management and equipment, etc. must be considered until the final price can be calculated. "For a large package in the field of medium pressure/low pressure we used to have five weeks for our calculation. Nowadays we only get half of that time. And then everything has to happen quickly" Raebel emphasised.

Katrin Raebel
, Cost Accounting Group Manager at Kraftanlagen München, Berlin branch

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