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Safety is key!

As an employee within the occupational safety department, the well-being of my colleagues is always top priority. In our department, we are constantly on the lookout for potential sources of danger which may lead to accidents or harm to health. When possible dangers are identified, the next step is to analyse these and introduce the appropriate countermeasures.

Our aim is to guarantee fewer accidents and increased safety on the construction site as well as in the office. However, to do this we are always reliant on the cooperation of our colleagues. This is because many accidents can be avoided if several simple rules of conduct are observed. Therefore, one of our primary tasks is to increase employee awareness regarding safe and healthy work. Our creative skills are important for this: we continuously think up special actions to help draw attention to health and safety. For example, we have attached wall stickers to the staircases to warn against the danger of tripping when climbing the stairs, and we also bring fruit baskets to the coffee rooms and construction sites to help emphasise the importance of good nutrition.

We work this way because we consider occupational safety to be just like brushing your teeth: once you're used to it, it becomes routine.

Jörg Sandvoß, safety expert at Kraftanlagen München

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