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"During the Kraftanlagen driver education, I learned how best to handle critical traffic situations."

Recently, I successfully completed my training as technical system engineer in the field of supply and equipment engineering at ECM Ingenieur-Unternehmen für Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH. An internship at an engineering firm initially sparked my interest in this recognised occupation requiring formal training, and that is why I decided to apply to the Kraftanlagen Group after earning my secondary school certificate.

During my apprenticeship, I learned to use computer programs to create complex drawings and models for technical building service plants and to perform the corresponding calculations. It is important to be very meticulous and to precisely observe all dimensional data.

What I particularly liked about my apprenticeship is that Kraftanlagen makes a wide range of training sessions and activities available to apprentices that go beyond the daily routine. For example, I drive to work and, particularly in the winter, my car sometimes loses traction in slippery conditions. During an ADAC driving safety training session that had been specifically organised for Kraftanlagen apprentices, I was taught how best to handle these critical traffic situations.

As a result – following a 3.5-year apprenticeship – I feel ideally prepared to launch my career as technical system engineer at the Kraftanlagen Group.


Jessica Sommer, technical system engineer for supply and equipment engineering at ECM

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