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"As Compliance Officer, I am a service provider, contact person and confidant."

What do you do at Kraftanlagen?
As an internal service provider, I provide consultation to employees within the Kraftanlagen Group with regard to legally compliant behaviour. I am there for them as a contact person, an advisor and a confidant.

Why is compliance so important for companies?
Compliance – the observance of laws and guidelines – is absolutely essential for a company to survive, since violations can result in financial penalties, damage claims and stoppages from the customer. Preventive work within a company is an extremely responsible task. Using laws and rules as a guideline, I help colleagues do the right thing and to make the correct decisions when they find themselves in difficult situations. I also try to ward off any damage to the company, for example by researching potential reasons for suspected cases of all types. I am a fully qualified lawyer and, in pursuing my degree, was motivated by idealism and conviction. My objective is to protect the good guys and punish the bad guys. Therefore, I am incredibly happy at Kraftanlagen – compliance here is not just about adhering to the law, it is a key part of our ethical standards.

What does your average day look like?
I don't have an 'average day'; my work is highly varied. Kraftanlagen employees come to me when they are unsure how to comport themselves from a legal point of view. I help with the drafting of contracts and check whether bidding consortiums may be formed with other companies for tender invitations. I am no stickler – I look for solutions. Through training, I help Kraftanlagen employees recognise where difficulties could arise – from antitrust laws to the issue of which invitations can be accepted. Furthermore, since legal frameworks are always changing, I must always keep up to speed and share my knowledge. This also means that I have to update our internal Compliance Management System. These are the in-house processes we carry out to ensure that everything runs according to the required laws and guidelines.

Caroline Schüler, Compliance Officer at Kraftanlagen München

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