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"As a lawyer, I provide information and advice – and I am always trying to create the ideal conditions for a successful and secure business."

What do you do at Kraftanlagen?
We check and draft contracts, help with offers, the awarding of contracts, amendments and additional orders, enforce claims as well as claims for performance, fight counter claims and negotiate with customers and contractors. In short, my work covers the entire range of a legal department. Corporate lawyers also refer to this as "corporate housekeeping". Our department consists of two people that generally cover the same spectrum. There is also a compliance officer who ensures that Kraftanlagen complies with all rules and regulations.

What does your average day look like?
We do a lot of work on demand.
I read and comment on contracts and also point out the core issues. Part of our work consists of standard tasks: general terms and conditions, contracts for work, risk assessments. We are also involved in many ambitious projects for which we provide individual advice.

What makes your work special?
To me, there is one thing about working in the legal department that is most important:
We are service providers. Our job is not to stand in the way of orders. In the end, whether general management signs a contract or not is a business decision. As lawyers, we provide information and advice and we are always trying to create the ideal conditions for a successful and secure business.

Ansgar Große-Sender, Head of the Legal & Compliance Department at Kraftanlagen München

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