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Spiral coils and heating surfaces

Heating surfaces and complete pressure parts for NH3 waste heat boilers for process steam extraction in the chemical and agrochemical industry.

Spiral coils and heating surfaces are primarily used in plants for the manufacture of nitric acid and caprolactam. This includes fully connected heating surface packages including header connection, wall tubes for container cooling and the complete production of waste heat systems and heat exchangers.

Fully connected heating surface packages

The individual components are:

  • Spiral heating surfaces, single and multi-threaded superheater, evaporator and preheater spirals
  • Heating coils and wall tubes (also conical)
  • Cooling coils
  • Connection lines between heating surfaces and headers/distributors, multiple bend water and steam pathways
  • U-bends, thermoformed with R/D = 1.0
  • Bent and straight headers/distributors

Key manufacturing steps

  1. Welding of straight pipe sections (extending the pipes)
  2. Winding of the spiral (flat or rising)
  3. Welding of retaining brackets and parallel jaws
  4. Stress-relief heat treatment
  5. Pre-bending of connection lines
  6. Installation of water and steam paths, connection of heating surfaces
  7. Post-weld heat treatment
  8. Non-destructive tests, radiographic test, leak test, ball passage test, etc.
  9. Pressure testing to 400 bar and drying

Geometrical boundary conditions

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