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Post-weld heat treatment

FINOW has a system of stationary and mobile heat treatment systems. We carry out the following types of heat treatment:
normalisation annealing, solution annealing, tempering, stress relief annealing

For optimum setting of the material characteristic values, we have two program-controlled car bottom annealing furnaces heated by natural gas and with the following dimensions and temperatures:

Program-controlled car bottom annealing furnaces

With up to 24 thermocouples, the digital furnace controller ensures temperature uniformity on the annealed material of ΔT = ± 8 K.

Cool-down options:

  • in the furnace
  • in air
  • in moving air (high performance blower)
  • in water (water basin)

Local post-heat treatment is carried out with our mobile resistance and induction annealing systems. Both the fabrication of reference annealing bodies and destructive and/or non-destructive inspections are part of our scope of services.

All annealing equipment and temperature sensing elements (sheathed thermocouples) are monitored at regular intervals with calibrated test systems and as per the applicable regulations.

FINOW has its own computer-controlled testing furnace with a platinum/rhodium reference standard.

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