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Inductive bends

Inductive bending allows precisely dimensioned prefabrication of complex bend systems in the workshop and reduces the number of weld seams necessary in plant construction. The long-term behaviour of an induction bent spool system is far superior to a welded spool system.

Induction bends have material properties and structural characteristics that do not differ from the parameters of the primary material. Thus, FINOW can produce piping systems with bends that have the same strength and durability as straight spools. Through multiple bends and bends twisted against one another, spatial spool systems without weld seams can be produced from a straight pipe.

Seamless stability

On two bending machines FINOW can bend pipes with up to 1,220 mm diameter or 120 mm wall thickness in a push bending process and without an inner support pin. After the actual bending, any necessary post-heat treatment can be carried out in our stationary car bottom annealing furnaces. as well as subsequent surface treatment.




Testing and acceptance of induction bends

The pre-bent spool systems are measured with a 3D coordinate measuring machine.
Other obligatory tests include:

 These tests are carried out on our premises by our own personnel.

Summaries of the advantages of inductive bending as well as the respective performance parameters of inductive bending are available for download.



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