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HP/MP/LP spool prefabrication

An efficient prefabrication ensures the economic viability of projects in power plant, industial and plant construction. We are a leading producer of high-, mid-, and low-pressure piping spools.

The central part of HP spool prefabrication is the inductive bending on our two bending machines. It allows the production of pipe bends which have the same or even better material properties as the primary straight pipe. Thus, raw material of the same wall thickness can be used for bends as for the straight sections if a ratio of R/D=2.5 is not substantially undercut for the bends. In this case, the strength of the pipe bend is not less than that of the straight pipe despite the principle-related weakening of the outside of the bend.

Bending rather than welding

Our spool prefabrication was expanded in 2010 by a further production area. We invested in the most modern and efficient cutting and jointing technology for this. The prefabrication of medium- and low-pressure piping systems is designed for a maximum capacity of 150 t per month. Cutting takes place on a CNC plasma cutting system for pipes up to a maximum length of 12 m based on the program data generated during work preparation. All cutting work such as cutting to length, weld edge processing, spigot holes and yoke curves is done with this machine – in some cases, even in a single step. 

For welding either with an orbital welding machine or by hand, we use or combine the following processes:

  141 Tungsten inert gas (TIG)
  135 Gas metal arc welding (GMAW)
  131 Metal inert gas (MIG)
  121 Manual sub merge arc welding (SMAW)
  111 MMA welding (E)
  Pulsed welding



Destructive and non-destructive testing as well as the approval of spool systems is done in-house and with our own personnel. Learn more about our quality management.

See further information about our available machine capacities.

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