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Cold pipe bends

As well as inductive bending, we also offer cold bending of pipe bends and piping systems.

The FINOW Rohrsysteme GmbH uses two cold bending machines for pipe bends with diameters of up to 168.3 mm.



Complex two- and three-dimensional piping systems

Our production profile is supplemented by the manufacture of U-bends, also known as pressed bends. We process these pipe materials.

Our product

Details of our cold bending possibilities can be found in the following table.

Spooling of cold pipe bends to complex two- and three-dimensional piping systems is just as possible as the manufacture of standard pipe bends as per DIN 2605, even with straight shank extensions.

Any required post-weld heat treatment, e.g. for bending radii less than 1.5 x D or due to use in corrosive media, is carried out with our own equipment.

Required weld edges are realised with our boring mills and mobile equipment in line with relevant regulations.

Post-treatment and testing

Depending on requirements, FINOW can provide surface treatment and conservation. The surfaces are treated with steel shot or, for austenitic materials, with glass granules or corundum in our blasting booths. The activities are concluded by the testing and acceptance of the components. Like all previous steps, this step is also carried out on our premises by our own personnel.

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