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Fabrication processes

Learn more about our production and products: Our scope of services includes pressure parts and modules, inductive bends, cold pipe bends, shaped parts, U-bends and power plant components.


FINOW manufactures special shaped parts for special applications. These include pipe extrusions (headers) and extruded T-pieces. They are mainly used in chemical plant construction as well as in container and boiler construction.

Large valve construction

Our production facilities close to the quay in Eberswalde (Oder-Havel Canal) allow the realisation of designs in all required dimensions and masses.

Cold pipe bends

As well as inductive bending, we also offer cold bending of pipe bends and piping systems.


Modules and skids are completely pre-assembled and ready-to-connect plant modules or components that only need to be installed and connected to the piping and electrics at the site of installation.

HP/MP/LP spool prefabrication

An efficient prefabrication ensures the economic viability of projects in power plant, industial and plant construction. We are a leading producer of high-, mid-, and low-pressure piping spools.

Post-weld heat treatment

FINOW has a system of stationary and mobile heat treatment systems. We carry out the following types of heat treatment: normalisation annealing, solution annealing, tempering, stress relief annealing.

Shaped parts

Shaped parts are produced by welding or hot-forming of pipes or by machining out of solid material.

Inductive bends

Inductive bending allows precisely dimensioned prefabrication of complex bend systems in the workshop and reduces the number of weld seams necessary in plant construction. The long-term behaviour of an induction bent spool system is far superior to a welded spool system.

Components and boiler construction

FINOW produces components and pressure parts for boiler and power plant construction as well as complete process steam boilers for up to 30 t of steam per hour.

Spiral coils and heating surfaces

Heating surfaces and complete pressure parts for NH3 waste heat boilers for process steam extraction in the chemical and agrochemical industry.


U-bends - also known as squeezed or pressed bends - are shaped pieces for welding on.

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